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Supply Fresh Oil

Premium selection of fresh cooking oils, sourced and delivered with excellence.

Filter & Reuse

Save 50% while you increase the lifetime of your frying oil or shortening.

Collect & Covert

We collect your used cooking oil, and convert to sustainable solution for safer environment.

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oil filtration

  1. "Stretch your fryer oil usage by 50% with filtration equipment while standardizing the taste and flavor of fried foods."
  2. "The fact is, cooking oil alters the texture, color, and taste of fried food."
  3. "Cooking oil filtration equipment extends the quality of the oil, allowing operators to produce better fried food. And, by extending the life of oil, we also help you reduce costs!"

Filtration Solution

The world's most innovative frying oil filtration svstem!

"The VITO oil filtration system cleans your oil, ensure your oil quality and saves up to 50% of your oil costs."

Save up to 50%

You will save money, oil, labor, storage space ad delivery costs with VITO!

Easy & safe handling

Get clean oil approx. 5 minutes. put VITO in the fryer at service temperature, push the button and you're done!

Simple Cleaning

VITO us made of stainless steel and therefore dishwasher safe! VITO disassembles to fit easily in any dishwasher!

Easy & safe handling

VITO ecsure you always fry in clean oil which means great quality fried food

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Cooking Oil Grading

Fresh oil

  • Golden brown colour
  • Best crisping
  • Optimal oil soak-up
  • Appetising Odour

Optimal Oil

  • Golden brown colour
  • Best crisping
  • Optimal oil soak-up
  • Appetising Odour

Degrading oil

  • Darkened Colour
  • Overly crisp edges
  • Too much oil soak-up
  • Slightly bad odour

Waste oil

  • Dark-to-black colour
  • Hard, uneven cooking
  • Too much oil soak-up
  • Burned odour

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