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Oil Solutions

Sustainable solutions with closed loop cycle.

Oil Filtration

  1. "Stretch your fryer oil usage by 20%–50% with filtration equipment while standardizing the taste and flavor of fried foods."
  2. "The fact is, cooking oil alters the texture, color, and taste of fried food."
  3. "Cooking oil filtration equipment extends the quality of the oil, allowing operators to produce better fried food. And, by extending the life of oil, we also help you reduce costs!"

The VITO Effect

"What is VITO doing?"

"VITO filters remove food particles and carbon from your frying oil. Frying in clean, filtered oil will result in a better tasting and better looking fried product. Your oil costs will be cut and there will be less workload due to less changes of oil and cleaning."

No Costs for Installation

Easy installation near fry station.

Improved Employee Safety

Reduce changing of oil multiple times.


Greener, Cleaner & Safer in simple steps

  1. Oil is removed by DreamCity Solutions specialist machine
  2. Oil is filtered on-site
  3. Carbon particles & dirt is removed
  4. Fryer is cleaned
  5. Thermostat is checked
  6. Oil cascading system used
  7. Your oil is returned to your clean fryer

Fryer Management Service

DreamCity Solutions latest environmentally friendly kitchen service to help Chefs run greener, cleaner & safer kitchens

Oil Management

Never run out of oil. Automates your entire cooking oil through automation.

Automatic Oil Delivery - No Need to Call Us

Oil on automation as needed

Remote Monitoring & Reporting

Automated monitoring & reporting

Zero Waste, Sustainable System

No oil spillage due to oil automation

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