Our Sustainability Approach

Our sustainability approach encompasses all of our employees, our supply chain and our local communities, wherever we operate using a closed loop approach.

Closed Loop Approach

we supply

  1. We also make every effort to minimise our Carbon Footprint from our day to day operations while we fight Climate Change.
  2. We supply the freshest available cooking oils to the hospitality and food distribution sectors.

We collect

  1. We however also collect used cooking oils from the same businesses within the hospitality and food manufacturing industries.
  2. The diversion of this waste oil from landfill has a CO2 emission saving.
  3. That’s a whopping annual saving tons of CO2 saved.

We Convert

  1. 100% of the waste oils collected are then recovered to produce the main ingredient for the manufacture of Biodiesel.
  2. So, remember, the next time you are filling up your car with diesel, your journey is part powered by the good people at DreamCity.

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